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Community Activist Teams that participated in the Global Exchange Program

The Public Activists’ Council Team (Hanam City)
The Public Activists’ Council Team is a group of representatives who are active in the city of Hanam to solve local problems. They contribute to the revitalization of the local community by conducting studies to share their know-hows in community activities, and by creating guides that provide information on local resources and information and distributing them to activists for free.
Together Value (Gwangmyeong, Siheung, Ansan city)
The 'Together Value' team is composed of members of the 'Village Policy Research Network' operated by the Gyeonggi-do Village Community Support Center. The team took part in the international exchange program in order to pursue social value through community activities and promote various policies for sustainable village communities. Through these case studies, they hope to enhance policy capabilities and suggest alternative solutions to current issues in Gyeonggi-do and local communities (Gwangmyeong, Siheung, Ansan).
Maeul-us (Goyang City)
Goyang City, a new city built in 1990 to provide housing for the first time in the metropolitan area, is seeking a new way of transitioning to create a sustainable village by restoring village communities and forming a network of mutual benefit. Since 2020, Maeul-us is a community of village community support activists and resident association support activists who come together to explore ways to make their communities sustainable. With the belief that villages can change the world, we are exploring alternatives for village sustainability. In addition, we believe that the local circular economy can create sustainable villages, and we are studying commons to realise this. We would like to explore the case of a locally-oriented circular economy community through the restoration of village communities and the expansion of win-win networks, and learn about Belgium's citizen participation and public support policies for communities.
Yongin Community Support Centre (Yongin City)
The Yongin Community Support Centre was established in July 2020 by the city of Yongin to promote resident-led self-governance, revitalise village communities, and enhance their sustainability and professionalism. The centre focuses on fostering and revitalising village communities and further spreading the value of community by conducting various projects such as village resource surveys to identify the wants and needs of communities in the village, consulting and workshops to form networks between communities, resident education to foster activism, and resource matching to connect Yongin's social cooperatives, youth community networks, environmental groups, and village businesses.
Through case studies, field trips, and learning about the key role of intermediate support organisations in Japan, where village communities are active, we hope to spread and disseminate the values of village communities in Yongin City and Gyeonggi-do.
Hello Gapyeong Net (Gapyeong-gun)
Hello Gapyeong Net is an organization that combines 11 organizations working in each field of Gapyeong-gun to open a place for communication and sharing between villages and communities to promote sustainable development and expansion of the community network. The organization strives to inform the community about the value of village communities and to create a resident-led village community ecosystem. Gapyeong-gun is one of the depopulated areas in Gyeonggi-do. Villages covering 80% of the administrative area are at risk of disappearing. To overcome the problems of the aging population and job generation influx, they are carrying out a village development project led by residents through public-private cooperation. They have visited and learned about urban regeneration and local creators in very old villages in Japan.